Oregon Horse Betting Online: Full Review

Oregon happens to be one of the few states, exempted from the (PASPA) Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. The state accepts horse betting in all forms, and the Racing Commission looks after all simulcasting racing wagering, live racing, etc. In 1997, a bill was signed, making the state the only and first to regulate online wagering sites. In October 2019, Oregon mobile sports betting debuted so that bettors can play through an app for iOS and Android. On this Oregon horse betting review, you will get to know about the top wagering sites, sports app, different types of wagers, where to watch, etc.
Best online horse racing betting sites in Oregon
BetAmerica Sportsbook

BetAmerica Racebook

100% match bonus up to $100

TVG Racebook

TVG Racebook

50% deposit match bonus of up to $250

Twinspires Sportsbook

TwinSpires Racebook



The Live Online Horse Racing Betting Sites

The reason behind choosing legal sports betting in Oregon is that it offers a mix of promotions that you can use to place wagers. The bonuses cover occasional and regular bets aimed at increasing high rolls.


It is one of the most trusted wagering sites, and you can enjoy the endless racing action. Get the benefit of endless promotions on this platform when you bet on events. You can wager on more than 150 tracks, and it also has an excellent app through which you can comfortably wager. As a signup bonus, get a $300 risk-free wager and to bet, be at least 21 years to play. It has excellent withdrawal speed and ample banking options.


It is an official wagering site of Churchill Downs Incorporated and offers $100 when you bet for $500. The minimum deposit on the platform is $1. It has an excellent customer service section, and the sports fans found the website legitimate, sage, and legal. There is no risk to play on the platform, and the welcome bonus is valid for a month. It does matter what your first deposit is, but when you place a wager of $500 through the first month, get $100 as a bonus. Additionally, no bonus code is required, and the signup process is simple, and you can complete it within ten minutes.


BetAmerica is a unique wagering website offering hours of free videos so that you can learn how to bet on races. The bonus that you get here is a 100% bonus up to $100. Also, some exclusive bonuses are present like wager reward program, VIP program, etc. Players opting for the website are highly impressed with the security and have trusted banking options. If you wish to experience fair play, nothing can beat BetAmerica. Visit the website and sign up today so that you can be prepared before the next horse race.

Types Of  Horse Racing Betting Wagers

Here we are explaining the types of wagers offered by the retail sportsbook and how they work.

  • Win: Pick up the horse that you think will win the race today so that you can take the prize home.
  • Place: If you are a little confused if the horse will finish first or second, go ahead with the place. But remember that the payout is a little less compared to win.
  • Show: If you are not sure that the horse will complete in the top two positions, go ahead with the show. It means the horse must finish in any of the top three ranks, and you get rewards.
  • Trifecta: Choose three horses completing the races in order today. Since the risk is high, the payout also happens to be high as well. Most importantly, concentrate on the order as if your horses win, but your order is wrong, you lose.
  • Exacta: Simple compared to trifecta, but the wager is about selecting the top two in order. If you win, you get higher payouts, and it is more than a win, place, or show bet.
  • Superfecta: It is the same as exacts, or trifecta, but select four for the first four ranks. In an exacta, superfecta, and trifecta, the common thing is the order, and it needs to be perfect.
  • Futures: It is betting on an event at the particular moment, but the results will be declared in the future. The payout reduces as the time of the event approaches, so you must place the wager at the earliest.
  • Pick 5 or 6: Can you choose the winner of 5 to 6 races. If so, go ahead with Pick a 5 or 6. Some other types are also there, like Pick 3, 4, 7, 8.

How To Watch Horse Races?

By signing up on the Oregon real money betting sites, you can watch races. Instead of that, it is aired on televisions and YouTube. But the sites give you a chance to watch the races from anywhere. If you wish to place bets and know the payouts, the OR sports betting app will provide all such information.

Types Of Online Horse Racing Wagering Bonuses

When it comes to bonuses offered by Oregon online sports betting sites, it is in various forms. A short description here will explain to you how you can make the most from the promotions.

  • Welcome Offers: As soon as you signup on the top Oregon horse betting site, you will get a reward. It is a bonus that can be like a $300 risk-free bonus given by TVG. Or else, when you place a wager of $500, you get $100 in TwinSpires. It may or may not come with an expiry period, so you must check the bonus section before registering.
  • Loyalty Rewards: In BetAmerica, for wagering every dollar, you get a reward point. When you have collected enough reward points, redeem them, and earn some cash. Additional promotions are there for placing exotic wagers like Pick 6 Bets, exacta, etc.
  • 100% Matched Bonus: Here, you get an amount credited in your account depending on the bonus offered by the Oregon horse betting site and your first deposit. For example, in BetAmerica, you get a 100% match bonus up to $100.
  • VIP Benefits: High rollers can get promoted to VIP schemes and enjoy additional perks, like extra deposit offers, special bonuses, etc.
  • Refer-A-Friend: Refer anyone to sign up on the OR online sportsbooks for horse bets, and when they sign up, you get a promotion. It can be anything like a risk-free wager, insurance bets, etc.
  • Cashback Offer: When you make a transaction, you get some amounts as a reward. It is known as a cashback bonus, and you can use it to place wagers.

Oregon Horse Racing Online Betting Tips

If you keep in mind these tips while placing a wager, the winning chances increase. Consider it as a cheat sheet that will increase your level of expertise in placing bets appropriately. Investing time to understand the game is essential as no bettor becomes pro overnight. The tips will help you in this process.

Under the types of wagers

Do not place the wagers if you do not have an idea about them. Understand each one correctly and play after that. If you have placed it earlier and have been wrong, ensure that you learn from your mistakes. Do not try to repeat as you will lose all your money.

Start with small stakes

Start with small stakes and then go ahead with the higher ones. It’s because if you do not win, you are losing a huge amount. If you do not reduce your losses, you will not have any more interest in the place. Betting is exciting when you are earning profits, so place your wager accordingly.

Check out the bonuses

Do not forget to check out the bonuses before signing up. Also, make sure to use the promotions to the fullest. The promotions are a way you can learn how to place wagers. Ensure to check the promotion section of the website regularly.

Oregon Online Horse Betting: Wrapping Up

Betting on horse online is interesting, and if you can place the wager on horse futures markets appropriately, winning is easy. Hence, sign up on the top betting sites by providing the details and bet on individual horse races to win rewards. Do not forget to take advantage of the bonuses and check out the promotion section frequently. Go ahead and try your hands on wagering and share your experience with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on Horse races online in Oregon?

Yes, it is legal. Look for a reputed sports betting site and sign up so that you can go ahead and place wagers. Make sure that you learn about the types of bets so that you can place them correctly.

How can I bet on horse racing in Oregon?

To wager online, you must sign up on a licensed and regulated mobile app. Provide information like Social Security number, name, email ID, phone number, etc. Once you have successfully created the account, you can play.

Where can I check horse racing odds in Oregon?

By signing up on horse betting apps, you can know about the odds. Also, the payouts, types of bets available for a particular race, etc., everything is present on the website.

Are there options to bet on virtual horse racing in Oregon?

Yes. Register on an in-play horse betting in the state of Oregon, and you can bet. But before placing wagers for real money, know the wagering tips.
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