Oregon Online Lottery Review: Everything You Need To Know

Real money U.S. online gambling has opened up avenues for earning exciting rewards by playing some games. That’s the reason regulated online gambling has become so popular. Many U.S. states have legalized online gambling, and Oregon is one of them. When it comes to OR online gambling, there are plenty of gaming options that you can choose to earn real money.

While Oregon online lottery has not been made legal, you can use physical tickets and check your results on the sites. It is the simplest alternative to gamble and win tempting rewards. All you need to do is buy tickets and wait for your luck to do the work. We can hope that soon the state opens its gates for the online lottery.

The Oregon Lottery was first established back in 1984, and it was in 1985 when tickets were made available on the retail locations. Over the years, there have been plenty of advancements in this vertical, as OR gambling has been contributing to the economic development of the state.

If you want to know more about online gambling in the state through the lottery, this Oregon online lottery guide will be a great help. We have compiled all the vital information regarding the OR lottery online. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

A Brief Oregon Lottery History

Before moving further, it is important to understand the Oregon lottery’s history and where it all began. The state always has fair laws regarding gambling, whether it is for sports betting or casinos. It came into existence when voters passed the Oregon Ballot Measure 5 in 1984’s general election. The state also becomes one of those few states that offers sport swaggering through the lotto Sports Action game in 1989. Through the video lottery, Oregon offered the first 24/7 gaming system. In 2018, the legislation made sports wagering legal in the state.

The Information Players Need To Provide During Oregon Lottery


The Oregon lottery is a part of U.S. online gambling, so it is essential to ensure the players’ security and integrity. At the time of registration, players have to provide their personal information, including name, mailing address, social security number, etc. The best lotto sites in Oregon have responsible gambling that safeguards the interests of the players.

What Are The Oregon Lottery Online Options Available?

As mentioned earlier, the state of Oregon has not legalized online lotto sites yet. In 2018, the state legalized online gambling, including sports wagering, but there has been nothing said about the lottery. You can buy tickets from the physical and check the results on the website. However, there are provisions for buying tickets from the official site. Your tickets will be mailed to your address.

Best Oregon Lottery Bonuses And Promotions Available

Oregon Lottery is the official website of the OR lottery that was created back in 1984. You can visit the site to check out the promotions available. Recently the Christmas and New Year promotion is running in full swing. There are five fun and festive Holiday Scratch It’s, and you need to fill an entry form to participate in it. Three lucky winners can bag $50 worth of VISA gift. Just like this festive offer, there are regular promotions that you need to keep checking.

Types of Oregon Lottery Games Available

These are the popular games that are available for Oregon online lottery.

  • Jackpot Games: Mega Millions, Lucky Lines and Powerball are some of the best and thrilling jackpot games.
  • Keno: It is a classic card game with numbers from 1 to 80, and 20 numbers are selected randomly. You need to match the spots on your ticket. Bulls Eye, Keno-to-Go, and Special Keno are popular games.
  • Scoreboard: It is the first lotto-based sports wagering site in Oregon where you can bet on professional sports. There are different betting styles and sports available on the site.
  • Scratch-It’s: The game that saw the origin of luck-based games is scratch-it games. There is a wide range of scratch-it games like Bingo, Crossword games, Scratch-and-match, etc. are the best Scratch It’s.
  • Second Chance: Just like the names, it is a second chance for you to win big prizes in a game. If you didn’t win any other games, you could enter Second Chance.
  • Video Lottery: Giving a Vegas-style vibe, it is a range of reels that will increase the excitement and thrill of gaming. You need to find the location near you for the video lottery.

Play Oregon Lottery Games On Mobile

Yes, you play all the popular games in Oregon using the apps. These OR lottery apps are designed for both iOS and Android devices, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. All you need to do is download the app from the respective app store.

What Are The Oregon Lottery Winnings And How You Can Claim Them

When you play the Oregon lottery online, there are different types of rewards and prizes that you can avail yourself. For instance, there are cash rewards on the jackpots, free tickets, or bonuses on the tickets. When you win cash rewards, you can either get the payment via online bank transfers. To claim the reward, you need to sign the back of your ticket and mail it to the office.

How To Make Deposits And Withdrawals on Oregon Lottery

There are not many payment options available for the players. You can buy the tickets using the official lottery website of Oregon.

Some of the common deposit methods are:

  • Online Transfers
  • ACH Transfers
  • Play+

The available withdrawal method is bank transfer only. For lump-sum payments, you must consult your financial advisor.

Oregon Lottery Review: The Bottom Line

US online gambling has provided plenty of opportunities for gamblers to earn from the comfort of their home. With the OR lottery online, the people of Oregon have got an exciting way to earn real money. Though there is no provision for playing online, you can either buy tickets from physical stores or the Oregon lottery’s official website.

In this Oregon online lottery guide, you have learned everything about this gambling tendency. We highly recommend choosing the best online lotto sites to play the Oregon lottery online.

Oregon Online Lottery FAQ

Does Oregon allow online gambling?

Yes, the state is open to online lottery gambling. In 2018, the legislation legalized online gambling.

What is the legal age for the online lottery in Oregon?

As the state of Oregon has not made online lottery legal, there is no legal age for online lottery.

Can I play the Oregon lottery online?

Yes, you can play the Oregon lottery online to buy the tickets. You can claim your rewards through online bank transfers or mail.

Can I buy OR tickets with a credit card?

No, you can buy tickets. Currently, there are only limited payment options at different lotto sites.

Can I remain anonymous if I win the lottery in Oregon?

Yes, you can keep your identity anonymous when you win the lottery.
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